The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank

Hello! This was a great week in comics… read on!

America’s Got Powers – The first issue of America’s Got Powers was pretty excellent. It tells the story of a generation of people about 20 years old in San Francisco who were born with special abilities after some sort of crystal landed on the planet. All of the pregnant women in a five-mile radius gave birth to these children. Apparently at some point, there were riots and a destabilization of the United States government years ago. This led to the creation of some sort of game where super-powered kids compete to be on a “team.” I think this is an interesting premise and I think the six-issue arc will be very good. There were things in this issue that remind me of Umbrella Academy and Danger Club. I enjoyed the art and am definitely looking forward to the rest of the series. This is my pick of the week. 5/5

Dark Matter – The final issue of Dark Matter didn’t disappoint. The tension between the Ferrous Corporation and the settlers culminates in a battle that ends in an unexpected way. We don’t get a resolution to who the crew of the Raza is and what happened to their memories but the issue ends in a way that leads perfectly into the next volume. 2/5

Fantastic Four – This issue of Fantastic Four was very good. It shows Reed and his father traveling to the new future to see how things are. It was neat seeing how the Foundation apparently survives very far into the future along with two important members. I really liked how some things came full circle. 4/5

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. – Frankenstein this month was very good. We find out that he and Lady Frankenstein had a child in the 1950s and that the child did not get a chance to live. We also see, once again, how sneaky and immoral Father Time can be. The interaction between everyone in this issue was incredible. 5/5

Green Lantern – This month’s issue was much better than last month in my opinion. The mystery of the Indigo Tribe deepens and something to do with Abin Sur appears. I’m really looking forward to seeing where all of this is going. 4/5

Journey into Mystery – The Terrorism Myth arc wraps up in this month’s issue. Loki, Leah and Daimon Hellstrom are able to handle things with the Fear Lords through Loki’s trademark trickery. It was a nice wrap-up to the story and there was a bit of really cool art toward the end. 3/5

Legion: Lost – The Culling is approaching quickly… and not just for the Teen Titans! This issue shows the Legionnaires under attack from the Ravagers! There is a lot of mystery in this issue… with how Harvest knows the Legionnaires are there and how to handle them; and that Yera is apparently under orders from someone else. The battle scenes in this issue were pretty fun and the cliffhanger ending was great. 3/5

Peter Panzerfaust – This month’s issue showed Peter and the boys deciding to go to Paris. They travel through the sewer system of Calais and emerge near a German scouting party. They decide to hijack a vehicle but encounter resistance at first. There is a pretty cool battle scene with Peter and a German captain. On the way out of Calais, the group rescues some people from a plane crash. This book is very consistent and is good at keeping your attention. 3/5

Resurrection Man – In this issue, Mitch Shelley decides to find out who he was and how he became the Resurrection Man. We see that there are a lot of people after him as well in addition to those we’ve already seen. The art of this issue was particularly good at showing two new parties tracking him. After a wonderfully drawn battle, the Suicide Squad enters! I’m not currently reading Suicide Squad, but I’ll be picking it up for sure to see what they want with him. 4/5

Saga – The second issue of Saga stayed strong this week with the story and art. We see even more people tracking down the family including a strange, armless woman called The Stalk. She’s pretty cool and her reaction to something called The Horrors was pretty cool. It looks like the family is going to have some pretty cool help in the next issue. I’m definitely looking forward to it. 5/5

Superboy – Issue eight picks up after Superboy has been “rescued” by the Teen Titans… only to fall into the mysterious Harvest’s trap. Superboy is stuck fighting a metamorph called Grunge to see if he has what it takes to become a Ravager. We also get to see Caitlin and Rose again. The main part of this arc will start up next issue and tie together a few other series. It’ll be nice to finally see what is going on. 3/5

Thief of Thieves –The third issue of this series focuses on Redmond and his past. We meet an FBI detective who has been trying to put him in prison for years without success. I’m interested to see how his son will fit into things. 3/5


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