The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank

Hello! We have a bunch of second issues this week including Avengers vs. X-Men, Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child, and Manhattan Projects. None of them disappointed at all so go get them while they’re still on shelves! The Court of Owls storyline from Batman is also really starting in many other DC titles this week so if you’re reading that, make sure you pick up Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws if you haven’t already!

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Issue eight is fantastic. I loved the art the entire way through but most especially at the beginning. The issue starts out with Jason Todd explaining how the current situation has come into being. Years ago, after he left the All-Caste, he made some enemies in Hong Kong… including Suzie Su’s crime family. Then, a few issues ago, when he shot Suzie Su, she had been sent to a Gotham hospital to recover. This issue drags Jason back to Gotham to rescue the hospital’s children’s ward from Suzie’s anger. The fighting is drawn very well and the ending is perfect. The Court of Owls storyline also starts up at the end of this issue… and we get to see an awesome flashback to a meeting between Red Hood and Red Robin. This issue is my favorite this week for sure! 5/5

Avengers vs. X-Men – Round two is one giant battle between the Avengers and the X-Men! The Avengers’ goal is to capture Hope but there’s quite a bit of resistance… especially when Hope decides to leave all of them. Hope is a fun character who I need to catch up with to fully understand her story. The second issue seemed to be better drawn to me… possibly just because there was so much going on. Overall, it was a pretty good issue… I’m looking forward to more story though. 3/5

Catwoman – Catwoman is now stealing things with a guy called Spark who can manipulate electricity. Their target is a set of knives… the only problem is that the Penguin has one of them. So, obviously, Catwoman decides to go after him to get it. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Court of Owls storyline will impact things with Catwoman. The art was great in this issue. It’s been consistently great throughout the series so far and that’s something I really like. 3/5

Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child – The second issue of this series is great! It kept up the action, mystery, great story-telling, and awesome art! We learn a lot more of the history of the Voodoo Court; particularly the three daughters of Marie Laveau. Dominique is saved by a spirit called Benny who takes her to the “Other Side” of New Orleans–the side where ghosts and magic reside. He tells her many things that will be important very soon. I’m really looking forward to more issues of this series! 5/5

Green Lantern Corps – The eighth issue of Green Lantern Corps introduces the Alpha Lanterns. They are the “police” of the Green Lanterns. They have come to arrest John Stewart for the murder he committed a few issues ago. To make matters even more interesting, the Guardians have offered Guy Gardner a position with the Alphas… 2/5

Justice League – This month’s issue of Justice League is pretty awesome. The government tries repeatedly to get the Justice League to accept Green Arrow as a new member but they steadfastly refuse. We see a lot of references to what happened last time someone else was brought into the League… and then we see a glorious page of the Martian Manhunter battling the League… and it is incredible! I want to know what happened and when we will see them all together again!!! 5/5

Legion of Super-Heroes – This issue begins a five-part arc revolving around the theft of technology responsible for creating the Fatal Five. The Fatal Five are super-villians last seen in Final Crisis. I’m looking forward to see how this arc goes. So far, my only issue with this book is that there are sooo many things going on all at once and things feel disjointed more than I would like. There was also something different about the art in this issue… some panels were reminiscent of Fables… and I liked it. 3/5

Manhattan Projects – The second issue of Manhattan Projects certainly does not disappoint. This issue is entitled “Rocket Man” and introduces us to a Nazi scientist, Wernher von Braun; as well as the American scientist, Richard Feynman. This issue is excellently written and drawn. There is a bit with Einstein and the Death Buddhists that was just completely awesome. I cannot wait for issue three! 5/5

Supergirl – This week, Kara is attacked by the United States Army and declared an enemy… even though she got rid of the Worldkillers. She also meets a new friend who is not exactly who she claims, or wants, to be. The issue is really good and definitely one of the most consistent in art and story every month. 4/5

Wonder Woman – In this month’s issue, Diana gets new armor and weapons from Hephaestus and ventures into the Underworld with Hermes to rescue Zola and the child. Hermes and Diana have a talk when they arrive that was really interesting and made me think for a few minutes. There is so much awesome to this issue that I can’t even begin to tell you. The story is absolutely fantastic and the art is amazing. 5/5


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