The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank

Hello! So many issues this week! So many great issues! We have the beginnings of “Death of the Family” and the Marvel NOW! reboot. We also got a new Morning Glories!!!

Transfusion – The first issue of this three-part series was awesome. Basically, the story is about a world overrun by robots who need human blood to survive. They have almost completely annihilated the human race… which has obviously presented a problem to the vampire population. The art is incredible… it is dark and disturbing; which fits the story perfectly. One thing I particularly liked about this issue is that there was very little text. There was enough that I could easily understand what was happening; but not too much as to distract me from the art. I absolutely loved this issue. 5/5

Batman – The Joker is back! And he is crazy. I do not read Batman month-to-month, but this issue hooked me and kept me interested the entire time. This may prove to be a perfect jumping-on point for me. 4/5

Before Watchmen: Dr Manhattan – This issue was interesting. It showed us multiple outcomes to different historical events that turned out differently due to Dr Manhattan’s absence. Time appears to be broken because the event that created him didn’t happen correctly. There’s enough timey-wimey that the issue kept me interested… but just barely. 2/5

Dominique Laveau Voodoo Child – The final issue of this series had a lot going on. The story jumped ahead in time and showed Dominique’s death and the defeat of a very powerful enemy. There were things that felt very rushed, and things that I want to know more about what happened in the time between this issue and the previous. I was disappointed to find this was the final issue… I wish it would have had more time to develop. 3/5

Green Lantern Corps – It has been several months since I read this book. I wanted to pick it up this month because of the “Rise of the Third Army” crossover… but while reading it, I remembered why I stopped before. There is a lot going on in this book. We’ve got Guy’s ego being inflated by being promoted to the rank of Sentinel… John eager to do anything to redeem himself… and the Guardians orchestrating events they hope will lead to the destruction of the Corps. Unfortunately, it just isn’t very interesting to me which is a shame because the other Green Lantern books are awesome. Maybe I’ll give it another try in a few months. 1/5

Marvel Universe vs The Avengers – Cannibals in New York! Cannibal Avengers! So, I decided to try out this issue primarily because the cover was awesome, and also because it’s apparently not connected to the omni-present AvX war. This issue is outside the normal Marvel universe (which is good because I don’t think the world really needs a cannibal Captain America!) and shows us a ruined world where something is turning people into cannibals. I like that it’s not zombies for once! I think I’ll keep with this limited series! 3/5

Morning Glories – Another issue raising more questions has finally arrived! It is so exciting! The Truants and Hunter continue their trek through the woods to an ancient temple of some sort. Once there, there are some very odd occurrences including time travel and some sort of ceremony. We also get to see a lot more history of when the Truants came to the Academy and what happened to them. I loved this issue. Sure, it doesn’t answer questions; but twenty-two issues into this series, I am still completely enthralled. I have faith that my perseverance will be rewarded… and when that time comes, it will be incredible! 5/5

The Phantom Stranger – The first issue of The Phantom Stranger was pretty good. The Stranger is tasked with tracking down an empathic girl named Rachel in order to turn her over to the people who can best train her. Surprisingly, it’s not necessarily who we would expect her to be trained by.  The issue adds a good twist to the Stranger’s character at the end which I am curious to see play out. I also liked this issue a little more than last month’s Zero issue because it added more to his character than just how he came to be the Phantom Stranger. I am looking forward to the next issue. 3/5

Superboy – This month, Jocelyn Lure reveals herself to Superboy, hoping to be able to help him maintain a normal life out of the public’s eye. I’m very interested to find out who she really is and what she’s doing in New York. The issue ends with Superboy finally finding Caitlin Fairchild again… which should prove to be interesting. 2/5

Uncanny Avengers – The long-awaited first series of the Marvel NOW! relaunch has begun! This series picks up directly after the events of the final AvX issue. Overall, I liked the issue. We see the beginning of healing in the superhero community… but also the rise of something sinister. As someone who doesn’t typically read Marvel, I will say that this issue was decent and definitely left me wanting more. Go get your hands on a copy! 3/5


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