The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank

Hello! Lots of good issues this week!

Batwoman – Batwoman and Wonder Woman start to track down Medusa in this issue. They venture to a place where the Amazons have imprisoned dangerous mythical creatures for centuries. What they find when they arrive is disturbing and downright scary. The art in this issue is amazing… particularly when Nyx arrives. The art and interaction between Kate and Diana is amazing and makes this my pick of the week! 5/5

Chew – Part four of the “Space Cakes” arc arrived this week and as usual, was incredible! This time, the teamup of the FDA, NASA, and USDA puts them in pursuit of a victuspeciosian (a person who can make facial beauty masks that yield transformational results.) This pursuit also is part of the mission to track down the Vampire… but that doesn’t turn out too well. Also! Poyo versus Mecha-Turducken in Japan!! Next issue we’ll see a wedding! I can’t wait! 5/5

Green Lantern New Guardians – This issue continues Kyle’s training in the other spectrums with Atrocitus this time. We finally get to see a good bit of Kyle’s history while Atrocitus tries to bring out his rage. I enjoyed this issue… I’m looking forward to seeing how Kyle fares with the other rings. 4/5

Justice League – Cheetah makes her first appearance in the New 52 this week and the kiss between Superman and Wonder Woman is further explored. I had only encountered Cheetah in Justice League: Doom and liked her character so seeing her backstory in this issue was pretty cool. The way this issue ends was really cool and I think I’ll enjoy this arc more than the last. 4/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws – The Blight storyline is wrapped up in this issue quite awesomely. I liked how the story went and most of the art was great. There were a few panels I didn’t particularly care for but then I flipped the page and everything was forgiven. Now, I just need to find out what the Thirteen is… but that’ll have to wait because next month, the Joker returns! 5/5

Supergirl – Simon Tycho reveals his true intentions toward Supergirl in this issue but he miscalculates! We discover how the underwater sanctuary formed and what its purpose is. This was a fun issue that sets up some good things for Kara. Next month, it’s H’El on Earth! 3/5

Wonder Woman – Even though Cliff Chang wasn’t the main artist for this issue, it was still really good. The art was a mix of “I really like this,” and “This could be better.” The opening sequence with the new being was fantastic and I can’t wait to see who and what he is. There’s a lot of other stuff going on in this issue as well… the new order of gods on Olympus, Hera’s mortality, new-found children of Zeus, and the hunt for Hermes and Zola’s child. This book has been supremely good since issue one and it’s only getting better! 5/5


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  1. I really like JL character Cyborg. I do suggest you to read his best story arc ever:

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