Store Policies


We are glad to have you as a part of our Planet X Family where our quality, environment and customer service are our highest priority. We’re excited to inform you that we have been vastly improving our system in the process of moving forward! This will give us the ability to provide a higher quality of product and service! Since we are making updates and care about each member of our Planet X Family, we want to take the time to bring you up to speed on changes that you will encounter. This information will also be accessible on our webpage.

1) Subscriptions are a Free Service that we offer.
2) New releases arrive every Wednesday. Depending on the amount of titles you are subscribed to, new items will appear in your box at least once a month. You are able to view our list of new comics on our website.
3) Comic books are ordered a minimum of two months before their release date. This means that all new subscribers may be subject to availability due to quantity of initial order.
4) If a title that has been subscribed to experiences a lapse, filling in the gap will require Special Ordering this individual Issue. [See Special Orders]
5) As a subscriber, you are required to pick up the entire contents of your subscription box at a minimum of once every four weeks.
6) After four weeks if we have not seen you, we will attempt to contact you as a reminder to you of the items in your subscription box. This is to confirm your interest in the titles you have subscribed to.
7) After contacting you (in person / on the phone / voicemail message / email), you will have one week to pick up the entire contents of your subscription box.
8) If under the circumstances we cannot reach you the first time, we will try again after one week. Again, you will have one week to pick up the entire contents of your subscription box.
9) If we are unable to contact you on our second attempt, we will discontinue your subscription and the items in your box will be returned to stock.
10) All attempts to contact you will be recorded in your customer history and dated for reference, along with the contents of your box. This way we can keep track of this information for you.
11) Your subscription box may be used for holding an item of interest for up to one week. [This does not apply to items over $50.00]
12) Subscriptions do not qualify as a Lay Away item.

1) Special Orders are any items not found in stock or that may be ordered from our Preview Catalogue.
2) All Special Orders are required to be paid for in full at the time in which the order is placed.
3) If you begin a subscription to a preexisting series, you may need to order the Back Issues to catch up. This is considered a Special Order.
4) Special Orders take 2-3 weeks to arrive. We will gladly contact you upon the arrival of your item.
5) Special Order items are not refundable or exchangeable for other merchandise. Special Orders will only be refunded if the item becomes unavailable or canceled through our Distributor.
6) Special Orders are unable to be canceled after the order has been placed.
7) Special Orders are also able to be made by use of credit card over the phone. This may be a convenience if you are unable to place the order in person at our store.
8) We receive our shipments and make them available every Wednesday. If a specialty item arrives, we will use the contact information that you have provided.
9) Special Orders do not qualify as a Lay Away item.

1) Lay Away is a service we provide to customers on items in stock with a minimum value of $50.00.
2) Lay Away is only available on singular items which exceed $50.00 and is not available for Bulk Items, Comic Books or Special Orders.
3) When beginning a Lay Away, you are required a minimum 10% down payment which is nonrefundable.
4) All Lay Away items must be paid in full within 3 months from the date of deposit.

We’d like to thank you for your time and interest on these updates and we hope you will find them to be informative and helpful. Feel free to use our store phone number, email, webpage or Facebook to request information. This includes a summary on or updates to your Subscription List, status of a Special Order and or Lay Away Item. We’re thrilled to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on these changes as part of our Planet X Family! We are looking forward to providing you with premium service and a great location to enjoy being part of our Comic Community!


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